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We are here to enrich nature.

Image by Daniel Dan

Nature's wisdom

We are here to restore our relationship with nature.

What if our everyday objects are alive? Imagine breathing homes, living lights, and self-healing T-shirts. Nature has so many solutions for our everyday challenges. We are on a mission to make humanity part of the natural cycle of life again, by collaborating with the natural world instead of exploiting it. We grow a new generation of living products that enrich life. Are you ready for the bio-revolution?

We have one earth

Some places around the world have lost over 70% of their biodiversity.

In the last centuries of our 200.000 years of existence, mankind has developed an unbalanced relationship with Mother Nature. Our current behaviour results in climate change, the depletion of natural resources and the loss of vital ecosystems. According to WWF some places around the world have already lost more than 70% of their biodiversity.


Even after life, we leave a scar on our beautiful planet. Our current end-of-life approach leads to large-scale material depletion, CO2 emissions, and soil pollution. We have designed a system where we consider ourselves waste, losing all the body's valuable nutrients after death. We believe humanity should be compost: a valuable resource for new life to thrive. What if we could participate in nature's cycle of life?

Image by NASA

Instead of polluting our environment with dead materials, we change the system by growing living materials that enrich nature.


The power of mushrooms

Nature has been leading the way for centuries.

While most researchers had their eyes on the plants and organisms above ground, recent discoveries show that earth’s most crucial creatures live underneath us. Mushrooms are known as nature’s biggest recycler. Over 92% of all plant families collaborate with the root structures of mushrooms, called mycelium. The unique power of mycelium is its ability to share nutrients, communicate with the forest floor and enhance soil quality. Its power to transform dead organic matter into new life makes this organism the driving force in nature's cycle of life.  

The future is here

Mycelium empowers humanity to enrich life after death.

Learning from the natural powers of mycelium, we were able to invent the world's first Living Coffin, which empowers humanity to enrich life after death. In our factory in Delft, The Netherlands we grow the 100% biobased Loop Living Cocoon™ from local mushrooms and upcycled hemp fibres in only 7 days. This sustainable process has been awarded with a Cradle to Cradle Gold Certificate™. The result is a lightweight coffin that becomes one with nature within 45 days, where it improves the soil quality and enables new seedlings to thrive. We won’t accept leaving our planet behind with a scar any longer. This is our opportunity to enrich life after death. Let’s close the Loop.


What if we can turn our cemeteries into flourishing forests?

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