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first living coffin.

Become part of nature's majestic loop of life and enrich the earth with the Loop Living Cocoon™.

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I ordered a voucher because the idea of becoming one with nature when the 

time comes feels lovely. It relieves my family of the hassle and let's me now already support the next generations. Keep up the good work!


- Peter (Hamburg, Germany)


The first time I touched the coffin it was much softer and lighter than I had expected. It truly is an unique material, so it surprised me how versatile the coffin actually is in its normal use for funerals and cremations!

- Funeral director (The Hague, Netherlands)


100% Nature

The Loop Living Cocoon™ is a 100% natural product grown in just 7 days from mycelium, the underground fungal network of mushrooms.

Locally grown

The Loop Living Cocoon™ is grown from local mushrooms and upcycled hemp fibres and is Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified™ and GreenLeave certified.​

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The Loop Living Cocoon™ becomes one with nature in 45 days and returns our nutrients to the earth in the most natural way. 


Mycelium is nature’s biggest recycler, which increases biodiversity by transforming organic matter into key nutrients for new seedlings to thrive.


Warm embrace

The inside of the Loop Living Cocoon™ is filled with a soft bed of moss, giving the Cocoon a soothing scent of the forest. A lining of sustainable cotton is available too.

Available now

Over 350 people in 6 countries have used the Loop Living Cocoon™ in traditional burials, natural burials and cremation already. Learn more in the video below.

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Let's enrich nature together

The Loop Living Cocoon™ is available in Europe and ready to restore our relationship with nature. See the individual and business possibilities to get involved today!

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